6 Interesting and Productive things you can do during Lockdown.

We all are in our homes or quarantine facilities. At first, we were happy to be inside as we got to do our favorite things, but after some time we all have started to feel bored. For many, this lockdown period has given us more time on our hands than we’ve ever had. The time which we never thought we would have. So why not utilize this difficult time and convert them into a Productive one.

Here are some interesting things which you can do at your home so that you don’t feel demotivated and positively pass this pandemic.

1.Read Those Books which you were Ignoring from Months!

Remember those books which you bought from the store or Borrowed from friends thinking that you will complete them instantly. Well, they are still lying in the corner right!

It’s a perfect time for you to finish them all as we have a lot of time to kill now. Reading has many benefits like Stress Reduction, Knowledge gain, and Memory boosting. If you don’t want to read books you have always Prefer Audio Books which are very trending nowadays. Still, Confused?  Here is a list of books for you.

2.Learn Cooking (Because Why not?)

If you are a Bachelor and living alone you must have realized by now that you are spending way much money on ordering food online. So why not start cooking on our own?

There are plenty of free Youtube channels and Instagram food Influencers now for you to learn cooking. There are also paid courses if you like to extend your cooking habits to Professional cooking. It is often said that cooking your food makes you Healthy and Creative so why not try our hands on it. Considering the Lockdown Period we can always avoid ordering food from outside which will keep us safe as well as save money. Here is an Instagram Channel to check out.

3.Attend to the Garden.

Gardening is Considered as a Work of patience and hard work combined. Due to our busy life we often ignoring Gardening. Personally Speaking, when I started gardening I found that its actually a very interesting thing to do. I experienced that from planting a seed to watching it grow in a Plant is a very Plesent feeling.

An interesting thing about gardening is that it does not have any limits. There are so many Varieties of Plants and Techniques to consider. It also increases Physical Activity which alone helps it boosting Immunity and other health problems which are very important for us to keep during this pandemic.

4.Do Freelancing.

Every person has a Skill which they always want to develop however due to our fast Paced Life we are unable to Concentrate on them. Due to lockdown, we have a lot of time to focus on them. So why not make money out of it?. And how to make money the answer is “Freelancing”.  

It can be anything like Web-designing, Translator, Video editing, or Logo Designing. There are plenty of websites where you can bid and take projects to earn money, It can be a long-term or short term projects. Freelancing can be done from anywhere around the world and has flexibility on Time as well. You can check freelancers.com here if you want to look at different projects.

5.Watch a Documentary.

It’s been 4 months since the lockdown is going on.at the beginning we all were very excited about it and we have already watched almost every movie on the OTT platforms. even many of us are sick of watching movies and series by now so why not do something productive out of it like watching a documentary series on Netflix. There are plenty of them like World war II in color, Our planet, and Explained!

Documentaries are often considered as reading visual books, moreover, documentaries not only provide an opportunity to understand and connect with the world, they are also a great way to gather together with friends to watch and engage around the important issues of our times. They are one of the easiest ways to learn new information because of the visuals, music, and story-telling. So Login your Netflix account right away and start watching them.

6.Learn A New Language.

Did you know there are more than 6500 Languages in the world? Learning a  new language is one of the most productive things you can do during the lockdown.

Learning a new language not only improves your communication skills as well as body language and mental skills.
In this fast pacing world, it is very important to learn at least most used languages like English Spanish, Meridian, and German.
It boasts one’s confidence and also enhances the skills needed to adapt to the environment of a new country. There are many free Youtube channels available for us to learn a new language.

So Start doing one of the above things and ease your Mind during this Pandemic. Tell us more things in the comment sections.
Stay Safe and Stay inside!

Written by Kanwaldeep Singh Lodhi Thakur

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