A Girl died in a road Mishap in Korba… the Rapid Hefty vehicle Struck her while Moving towards home…

Korba : From the Kusmunda field, the joys of this family have been carried away as a result of the collapse of the drivers of this significant preview. The carelessness of these malevolent trailer drivers will be murdering the other.
Neelam Rathore, a 20-year-old daughter of Krishna Rathore, resident of Gevarabasti under the Kusmunda area, was arriving straight back by her grandfather’s house (Chindpur) for her home in Gevarabasti together with grandfather Pyare Lal Rathore. Followed by a high-speed trailer hits them, both of them fell on the road. Grand daughter’s head was severely hurt, and grandfather was injured, both of them taken to Korba’s private hospital, and after the doctor’s examination, the girl was declared dead.
The incident is from 7 to 8 pm today, the Kusmunda Police was informed about the episode.
Neelam’s dad is now a hardware shop owner at Gevarabasti and is a senior journalist in the region; this dreadful episode has diminished the whole area.
Report: Om Gabhel Kusamunda 

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