Chhattisgarh’s new industry policy attracting investors : 1207 industries established in two years

The new industrial policy implemented by the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel is attracting investors. In the last two years, 1207 new industries have been established in the state, a capital investment of 16 thousand 897 crore has been made through these industries in the state, in which more than 22 thousand people have got direct employment. Similarly, a total of 104 MoUs for mega industrial projects have been signed during this period. The proposed total capital investment of these units is 42 thousand 714.48 crore, through which about 65 thousand people will get employment.

It is noteworthy that in the last two years in the state of Chhattisgarh, there has been a rapid industrial development. To achieve this growth, the state government not only implemented the new industrial policy but also included amendments in this policy as per the requirement of the investors. The state government implemented food processing policy along with the establishment of food parks in the development blocks of the state and also executed MoU for this purpose. In order to provide fair price of forest produce to the forest dwellers a Vananchal package was announced and  assistance was provided to the entrepreneurs as per their demand, due to which a new environment of industrial development has been created in the state.

The State Government has announced the Vananchal Industry Package in the Industrial Policy 2019-24 to promote the establishment of forest produce, herbal and food processing industries in backward and most-backward areas. Under this, the units are being given a permanent capital investment grant of maximum Rs 2.50 crore as well as all the grants announced in the industrial policy including net SGST.

Similarly, the state government is giving special boost to food processing to increase the income of farmers. For this, the government has set a target of establishing a food park in each development block. For this, land has been identified for establishment of new Food park in 110 development blocks out of 146 development blocks. The “Chhattisgarh State Food Processing Mission” has been extended to 31 October 2024. Also, the state government has signed MoUs with 05 food processing units, out of which two units have come into production. Through these units, an investment of Rs 283 crore and 2434 jobs are proposed in the state. Apart from this, MoU proposals have been received for setting up 15 minor forest produce based units in Bastar region through which a capital investment of Rs. 74 crores and 1049 jobs are proposed.

A special incentive package has been issued for bio-fuel-ethanol industries based on paddy and sugarcane to provide farmers the  full value of their produce locally. Grants are being given under the high priority category to units established for ethanol made from the surplus paddy and produce from sugar factories in the state. For this it will be necessary to purchase raw materials at the support price. Proposals have been received by 8 units for ethanol plant in the state. Out of these MOUs have been executed by 5 investors through which an investment of 647 crores and 683 jobs are proposed. On the initiative of the state government, permission has also been issued by the Government of India to make ethanol (bio-fuel) from maize in the country.

Chhattisgarh state start-up package has been included in the policy to incorporate new ideology in industries and to create new jobs. These start-ups will be provided more facilities than other industries with less formality. The number of start-ups registered in the state so far is 504. Special industrial investment incentive packages have been issued for the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes entrepreneurs to encourage them.

New concept of Be Spoke Policy has been introduced to support the mega industries of the core sector. Under this policy  industries are being provided financial assistance by linking them to their production and grants are being provided from 60 percent to 150 percent of the total project cost.

The eligible micro, small and medium industries to be set up by entrepreneurs are being given a rebate of up to a maximum of 60 percent in the land premium on land allotment in the industrial areas of the Department of Industries or CSIDC. The land transfer fee has been reduced, which was much awaited by the entrepreneurs.

MSME has been defined separately by the state government and the definition of large service enterprise has  also been  released. According to the demand of investors, provision has been made for allowing  permanent capital investment grant for small and medium scale industries and not  limiting it to only micro industries. In view of the problem of land availability in the hilly areas of Bastar and Surguja for setting up private industrial park, in the current policy, the minimum requirement of land for Surguja and Bastar division has been reduced to 20 acres. All these initiatives led to the establishment of a total of 1207 industries from December 2018 to January 2021. A total investment of Rs 16897 crore has been made through these industries of the state and employment has been provided to 22001 people. Till date, a total of 104 MoUs have been signed for mega industrial projects. The proposed total capital investment of these units is Rs 42714.48 crore, through which a total of 64094 people will get employment.

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