China can cyber attack on India.. intelligence agency’s alert.

China is all set to make another nefarious move after its plan of infiltration in the Galvan valley has failed. according to the information received from the cyber intelligence for China may start a cyber attack on India from Sunday. in this cyberattack, many government agencies India houses Pharma companies telecom operators, and a big tire company can target Chinese hackers. According to the cyber intelligence form Cypharma, some people were found talking on the dark web 10 days ago in the Chinese language Mendelian and Kantonis, to teach India a lesson. The biggest threat may be media houses. Cypharma chairman and SEO Kumar Ritesh said that this hacking group includes Gothic panda and stone panda, which are directly related to the Chinese army. the word for the Chinese military and the US and HongKong has been targeted by them. According to the media reports, the cyber attack may lead to an attack from an email ncov2019. the subject of this email may be a free COVID-19 test. The photo image user has been warned not to open mail attachment for this. Also do not open in the middle of an unknown people. 2 million Indians have email accounts targeted by Chinese hackers. Recently a similar cyber-attack has occurred on Australia


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