Coronavirus equipment | Attach money in the hands of of us, says Rahul Gandhi

The Union govt have to now not ever act as a sahukar (money lender) giving loans to of us; instead it’s going to wait on them with inform money transfer, musty Congress president Rahul Gandhi talked about on Saturday. He appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rethink on the economic stimulus equipment.

Interacting with journalists of regional media through videoconferencing, he talked about that as an Opposition leader, he became attempting to construct stress on the govt. to straight transfer money into of us’s hands, and warned that an ‘economic storm’ became on its way.

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Mr. Gandhi reiterated that exiting the lockdown became now not an event or an on-off switch. The govt.must get out of it ‘intelligently’ so that the economy apart from the susceptible sections procure been accumulate.

“I don’t must fabricate a political commentary however I procure a critical reservation about the character of the equipment that the govt. has given and I’d devour it to rethink,” he talked about.

“I’d devour to attraction to the Govt of India that you simply presumably can surely offer loans however Mother India can’t act devour a sahukar to her children. Mother India must straight transfer money into the hands of her children. The migrant labourer strolling on the aspect road wishes money, now not debt. The farmer who is suffering wishes money, now not debt…If we attain now not, this would perhaps presumably turn out to be a catastrophic wretchedness,” he noticed.

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Pitches for NYAY

Mr. Gandhi, who had conceived the nyuntam aay yojana [NYAY] or minimum income speak earlier than the 2019 Lok Sabha election, all over another time pitched for it for helping the unfortunate. “Fabricate NYAY temporarily must you don’t must attain it permanently. However please start putting money into the puny agencies, farmers, migrants’ monetary institution accounts because if we attain now not, then we can procure a catastrophic result.” It would label the govt. ₹65,000-70,000 crore.

He talked about that even though they had suggested doubling of work days to 200 below the Mahatma Gandhi Nationwide Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), it won’t wait on the migrant workers in city areas. So, he argued, the Congress had suggested a month-to-month money transfer of Rs 7,500 for these workers. He believed that the govt. would pay impress to some of their strategies.

Mr. Gandhi equipped condolences to the families of those migrants killed in accidents on their breeze motivate house and sympathies to of us who had endure a form of worry.

“Here’s a tough wretchedness and I don’t must resort to finger pointing. I procure to verbalize now we desire to all wait on the of us that are strolling on the streets. The wretchedness is that the BJP is in govt and they’ve the instruments. So, they’ve a bigger accountability. Its could per chance presumably be our accountability as we’re in the Opposition. All of us collectively desire to wait on them,” he eminent.

He added that there shall be discrepancies between Yelp governments on the migrants’ discipline.

Patel’s attack

Senior Congress Ahmed Patel in a tweet attacked the Centre on the migrants discipline. “Migrant disaster is now as mountainous as corona pandemic itself. Govt can’t be a bystander as unfortunate both trip hungry or lose their lives in accidents. Speeches are seemingly to be now not a solution. ₹1000 cr of PM care funds must reach their hands. If need be govt must use Navy to wait on migrants rea

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