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Direct flight to these 4 big cities from Raipur airport is now ready to fly.. This is the complete flight schedule.

Chhattisgarh/Raipur: To prevent the infection of coronavirus lockdown has been done throughout the country. Due to which flights were also completely banned. Then the cost is ready to fly again after about 60 days. domestic flight service has been started across the country from 25th May. flight from Raipur to Kolkata has also started in this episode. private airline Indigo has started a direct flight to Kolkata Raipur and Raipur it is being told that I align was not able is being told that I airline was not able to operate from Kolkata to storm on Amphan but from Monday flights to Kolkata have also been started. After allowing domestic flights in the closest airline in lockdown 7 direct flights connecting dipole force it is including Kolkata will now be available.

According to the schedule released by the airlines, Indigo flight 6E 245 from Kolkata will reach Raipur airport at 7:55 a.m. Indigo flight 6E 811 to Kolkata will depart at 8:30 a.m. flights to Delhi Hyderabad and Bangalore also. According to the schedule issued by the airline flight field run on the scheduled time till June 30. However, in the time the possibility of starting flights from some other cities is also being raised.

director of Raipur airport Shah Kashyap sit at all preparation have been done by airport authority. to follow the new guidelines passengers will have to come to the airport to hours in advance so that all necessary items can be fulfilled. at the same time regarding the preparation made by district administration additional commissioner of corporation pulak Bhattacharya told that a form will be file and information will be obtained from all passengers coming from the airport.


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