EXCLUSIVE: Employ of saliva in cricket must smooth be banned, non-contact sports activities must smooth beginning when likely, says Venkatesh Prasad – Events of India

NEW DELHI: In step with experiences, the Global Cricket Council (ICC) is interested by legalising the usage of synthetic substances below the supervision of the umpires, in preference to saliva and sweat to shine the ball. Australia has already banned the usage of saliva and sweat on cricket balls.

Faded India pacer Venkatesh Prasad is not any longer in the favour of the usage of any external substance on the leather. Prasad, who performed 33 Checks and 161 ODIs for India and turned into one among the indispensable bowlers in the aspect, feels the one different of saliva, when cricket resumes, would be sweat.

“Whether or no longer it is the Global Cricket Council (ICC) or BCCI or other sports activities bodies, they settle on to procure some kind of a framework. For instance, I’m talking about IPL. Doubtlessly, what I’d fetch is, if this has to head on, if the display has to head on, then I’d perchance quiz the gamers to lag on chartered flights in preference to on long-established flights. So, that’s a formulation of distancing oneself, having a social distance and asserting the hygiene component as successfully. So, these are the things that one can work around,” Prasad in actual fact helpful in an gripping interview.

“And clearly entirely taking saliva out of the equation. Nobody can utilize saliva finally. No topic how healthy, no topic how fit one is, I ponder in the mean time saliva must smooth be truly removed. Yes, it is a important weapon for a swiftly bowler and particularly a swing bowler and one thing no doubt (is) that that you have to maybe no longer allow any external object or any external things to be former on the leather (ball). I’m entirely against it. It’s likely you’ll maybe well presumably no longer utilize anything. The most straightforward thing that would be allowed or that will maybe well be likely is to utilize is sweat,” the 50-300 and sixty five days-old worn pacer acknowledged.


Worcestershire’s Kabir Ali shiny the ball with saliva in the match against Leicestershire (Getty file photo)

Bowlers utilize saliva to shine one aspect of the ball in an strive to generate swing or lope in the air. Prasad acknowledged the ban of saliva will affect rapidly bowlers and medium pacers to a mountainous extent. He also acknowledged the ban of saliva will snatch a weapon from a swiftly bowler’s armoury.

“It’s 100 p.c. It would entirely engage the main piece out of a bowler’s skills. But nonetheless, you are going to also beget got purchased to head by the ambiance, you are going to also beget got purchased to adapt. That’s what the sportsmen are. They must smooth know how to adapt. It’s top to smooth be ready to adapt to heaps of prerequisites, heaps of environments. So, right here’s one such ambiance, which is terribly miserable. But then what’s well-known is the security of folk, security of gamers, security of the spectators. So, every time cricket resumes, this is able to maybe well also engage some time for folks to ponder of what has took place and the very best intention serious the jam is or turned into and adapt to those changes. Each and each single particular person wants to adapt to changes. They settle on to change their life-style now. They’ve purchased to be extremely hygienic. They settle on to engage social distancing and we’ve got been talking about it. So, in that sense, we are lucky that cricket is not any longer a sport which has extraordinary contact. It’s no longer like rugby or football. So, in that sense, when things decide down, I ponder cricket must smooth beginning very rapidly. I fetch no longer know how prolonged it will engage, perchance two months, perchance four months, six months, I’m no longer very sure about it,” Prasad acknowledged.

“It’s some distance also well-known for the board (BCCI) to ponder of. Yes, finally the health component that they’ve thought to be, absolute self assurance about it. But additionally, they settle on to seek for on the money coming into the coffers as successfully. It’s no longer moral the cricket or football federations or any sport for that topic or tennis federations, they all are shedding money. So, whichever is a non-contact sport, I ponder that must smooth be allowed,” he acknowledged.

Since there is not any resolution on the money-rich Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season and the upcoming T20 World Cup but, the gamers all the very best intention by the world are eagerly waiting to hit the world. IPL turned into scheduled to beginning on March 29 however the tournament turned into first postponed to April 15 and then suspended till additional survey attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic

Will it is complex for the gamers to fetch their mojo back when they hit the world after the lockdown is over? Prasad, who performed 33 Checks and 161 ODIs for India in actual fact helpful gamers to use as extraordinary time in the health club and work out fastidiously as likely.

“It’s likely you’ll maybe well no longer be physically gripping about anything but there is one thing that you are going to also constantly visualise – the psychological aspect of the game. Abet taking part in these cases on your thoughts, visualise these cases. And if you happen to could maybe well even be recording any of your fits or your performances – bowling or batting, whatever, strive to note these batting and bowling performances. And strive to recreate these moments if you happen to tackled the rigidity and the very best intention you came up victorious. So, strive to make these mentally. Visualising helps plenty in phrases of getting your performances to 1 other stage,” the former India rapidly bowler acknowledged.

“I’d protest revel in the break. Obtain pleasure from the lockdown. Obtain pleasure from as extraordinary as time with your family. Our cricketers use so extraordinary time some distance flung from family. They lag as a rule and are busy in assembly the expectations of billions. I ponder right here’s an very just staunch time to engage a break, (fetch over) injuries and niggles, if you happen to could maybe well also beget purchased. Employ as extraordinary time in the health club on your station and work out. It’s likely you’ll maybe well be ready to fetch hundreds of video calls and stuff like that with your trainers and physios. You fetch no longer settle on to truly breeze and search the recommendation of with them so that you are going to also constantly fetch it on your beget, the usage of technology. And likewise, even if you happen to fetch no longer beget any health club plan up, if you happen to fetch no longer beget any coaching tools, moral breeze up and down the house. Ought to you are going to even be dwelling in an rental, climb the stairs. I will represent them to veil about 10 kilometers a day,” he acknowledged.

“To make a decision up to experiment and likewise you have to come up with some solutions. The article is that that you have to maybe no longer be practicing. You fetch no longer beget the bowling or the batting opportunities to head and put together your skills, but then that is how it is. Here’s all I have to raise to the budding and decent cricketers,” the 50-300 and sixty five days-old, who took 96 Test and 196 ODI wickets acknowledged.

Indian fans will constantly take into account Prasad, who shaped an attacking unusual ball bowling partnership, with Javagal Srinath, for the atrocious 1996 World Cup incident, when he after being hit for a boundary and sledged by Pakistan’s Aamir Sohail, orderly bowled the Pakistan batsman off the very next ball.


Venkatesh Prasad celebrates with Nayan Mongia after taking the wicket of Aamir Sohail. (Getty file photo)

Prasad, who last performed for India in 2001 also spoke about his lifestyles below lockdown.

“I am helping my companion. I’m working on a direction which is affiliated to the University of London. It’s some distance named Global sport administration. That’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s a post-commencement certificates of international sports activities administration. And in the mean time, I’m doing sports activities technique governance and management. That’s one module. And the opposite one which I’m doing is international sport pattern. I’m positioning myself for particular things. Let’s seek for how it goes,” Prasad signed off.

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