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CM Bhupesh puts up photographs of him wearing a mask as DP on social media accounts.

For public awareness, CM Bhupesh puts up photographs of him wearing a mask as DP for his profiles on all social media accounts

Raipur : After wearing masks was declared to be compulsory, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has put up a photograph of him wearing a mask as a display picture of all his social media accounts. Till date more than 17 thousand people have liked his display picture on Facebook. Mr. Baghel has captioned this picture on twitter as- “It is compulsory for every person in Chhattisgarh state to wear masks in public places. According to Medical Experts, it is necessary to cover face with mask for prevention of COVID-19.
It is noteworthy that now wearing mask in public places is compulsory for each and every person of Chhattisgarh state. State Government’s Health and Family Welfare Department has issued orders in the context of Mantralaya (Mahanadi Bhavan) on April 11. Medical Experts have emphasized that wearing mask/face cover is necessary for the prevention of COVID-19. Wearing mask/face cover has been made compulsory under Section 71(1) of the Chhattisgarh Public Health Act 1949 and Chhattisgarh Epidemic Diseases COVID-19 Rule 2020 and Epidemic Act 1897. Going out in public places without mask or face cover will be considered a violation and legal action will be taken accordingly.
It is stated in the order that triple layer masks available in the market can be used or one can make three-layered face cover at home. A homemade mask/face cover can be washed with soap and reused. In case mask or face cover is unavailable, one can also use a scarf, handkerchief, dupatta, etc to cover the face, provided the mask or face cover should completely cover the nose and mouth.  Do not reuse face cover or piece of clothing used for covering mouth and nose without properly washing it with soap.

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