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NEW DELHI: Used Pakistan speedily bowler Wasim Akram may well perhaps additionally hold learnt so much by playing County cricket, but he feels that any individual esteem Jasprit Bumrah may well perhaps still give his body immense rest, whenever he can, in preference to playing County cricket if such an opportunity does arise within the lengthy flee.

Talking with ragged India opener Aakash Chopra on AakashVani, Akram spoke about his lunge within the County circuit and additionally said that cases hold changed and the Indian team plays round the year and it is serious that any individual esteem Bumrah rests his body in command that he can return to motion new and real.

“Indian avid gamers play cricket round the year. Bumrah is at screen India’s top bowler and with out a doubt among the efficient on this planet. I would additionally hold steered him to decide on rest (when there is now not any such thing as a world cricket).

“As some distance as I am eager, I aged to play six months for Pakistan and six months for Lancashire. Nonetheless due to time constraints it turns into difficult in nowadays’s know-how,” he defined.

Akram, who holds the file for most Take a look at wickets for Pakistan, additionally said he doesn’t rate bowlers on their T20 performances but judges them on the foundation of their performances within the longer formats.

He additionally steered kids to focal point more on top quality cricket in inform to manufacture most valuable improvements to their recreation.

“In inform to hone their abilities extra, younger bowlers may well perhaps still play more top quality cricket,” Akram said.

“T20 is unparalleled, comely entertainment, fun and there is cash and I am smitten by the significance of cash in a sport and for the avid gamers.

“Nonetheless I mark now not buy bowlers on the foundation of their T20 performance. I mark that on the foundation of seeing how they fare in longer formats,” he added.

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