How attain you of course feel in regards to the lockdown?

1.What’s the first component you need to realize as soon as the lockdown is fully lifted?

2.What or who did you miss most at some level of the lockdown?

3.How soon would you return to a crowded pickle love a mall, movie theatre, restaurant?

4.In these 50 days, did you turn out to be…

5.Did you revel in working from house?

6.Are you k with sending the early life to varsity as soon because it reopens?

7.What wired you most in regards to the lockdown?

8.Should always the lockdown be lifted?

9.Would you be k with flying again?

10.If you’re single, would you of course feel tickled happening dates after the lockdown is lifted?

11.How did the lockdown affect your intercourse lifestyles?

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