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How to send a message to someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that is already used by more than 2,000 million users in the world and for which there are many tricks and shortcuts that you may know but many others that are completely new to you.

Today we are going to describe one that will allow you to send a message on WhatsApp to a user who has blocked us. The person who blocked you may not be amused, so you should use it responsibly, but it’s funny how WhatsApp has missed a totally legal way to get in touch with a person who has blocked you and so maybe asks him why he did it.

The reasons for these blocks can be infinite: lawsuits, family differences, heartbreak … There are ways to know if we have been blocked by other users by following some indicators such as the impossibility of seeing photos or the status of a user, but today we are going to take a step beyond. If you have discovered that there is a blockage by another user towards your account, with this trick you will be able to contact him again immediately :

-The first thing is to request the help of another friend to form a group on WhatsApp in which the user who has blocked you, your friend and you are.

-Then ask that friend to leave the group leaving you as an administrator user.

-Being the two of them, the conversation should only be started by clarifying the reasons for the blockade. At that moment you will also have access to the profile photo.

-In case the person who has blocked you wants to leave the group, they can do so. It is possible that he is upset not only with you but with the person who created the group, so it is suggested to use this trick responsibly.

The blocking action is radical, although WhatsApp has recently improved the blocked user’s section to facilitate the process of reversing the action in case of regrets. Thus, a notification is displayed below the name of the blocked user in the contacts section of the app.


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