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Instagram tests three new landing pages

Instagram is conducting tests to change its home page, or rather the buttons that appear in the bottom navigation menu on its home page.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, has confirmed the tests on his Twitter account

It has been Adam Mosseri himself, CEO of Instagram, who through his official Twitter account has confirmed the tests and has shown a screenshot of the three designs that are being tested.

The three new designs being tested include a tab for direct access to Reels, the short video, and music content recently launched by Instagram and which are nothing more than an exact copy of TikTok. The company wants to give them more prominence and make them more accessible, so it is considering including a direct access icon in the navigation menu. He was already testing a new tab for Reels weeks ago.

Tests are also being carried out to include a button that leads directly to the “Shopping” tab, where users will have access to recommended products from the new stores that Instagram also launched just a couple of months ago.

From now on, some Instagram users, when they access the application, will see how their home page changes to have one of these three designs. The company will collect anonymous data on the way in which these new buttons are interacted with, which design is the one that invites the most participation, the most accessible … and will take them into account before a more than possible design change officially launched in the future.

Mosseri has not indicated, however, how many users will be part of this test or when they plan to make the change. What does seem certain is that this will come and that Instagram will incorporate a direct access button to the Reels – something that it has already launched experimentally in India – as part of its commitment to this content to gain ground on TikTok, taking advantage of of the situation in which the Chinese app is, which is facing a possible blockade in the United States. Even so, it has been the most downloaded app in the world in the month of August 2020.

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