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UFC Fighter Daniel Cormier made waves for how he was presented on a poster for the “DC and Helwani” show. Here, ‘DC’ bears a striking resemblance to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Helwani brings this up and asks the top-ranked Heavyweight if he had any creative influences in it. 

Daniel Cormier says he looks like Dwayne Johnson

“I was shown 3 copies of the poster. First one was a little pudgy. And then I said made him less pudgy and then I said shave his head, make his face look like mine but like the rock and then I want my body to look like The Rock.”

‘DC’ says, “People are hatin’ because I look like Dwayne Johnson. It’s not my fault that there’s a very strong resemblance between me and The Rock.”

The resemblance is certainly uncanny. At first glance, non-MMA fans would surely think ‘The Great One’ is building on his UFC 244 appearance and sharing his views on MMA regularly with Helwani.  

He found support in the form of the People’s Champion himself. Dwayne Johnson retweeted the ESPN MMA post with DC’s quote. 

He wrote, “Maaan this gave me a good laugh. Me and brother are pretty much identical twins. Get over people. Sheesh.”

Maaan this gave me a good laugh. Me and my brother @dc_mma are pretty much identical twins. Get over people. Sheeesh 😂💪🏾 #LikeLookingInTheMirror @arielhelwani

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) April 27, 2020

Daniel Cormier made his UFC debut in 2013. Since then, he has gone on to become of the biggest names in the company. ‘DC’ has earned $5.7 million in 14 fights with the company. He received a colossal 7 figure sum for his fight against Jon Jones at UFC 214. At 41, he says he is readying himself for one final fight which will most likely be against Stipe Miocic for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

‘DC’ is also preparing for life after fighting and will be calling 2 of the 3 events in Jacksonville next month. He will be doing this despite knowing he will spend 2 weeks in quarantine upon returning home. 

Do you see ‘DC’ embarking on a Hollywood career akin to ‘The Rock?’ He certainly has the looks which fooled quite a few people when they saw the poster.

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