Pause appearing cherish money lender, give money barely than credit score: Rahul Gandhi to Centre

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NEW DELHI: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said the Centre must quiet cease appearing cherish a “money lender” for its children by giving them credit score in assign of cash, and requested High Minister Narendra Modi to rethink the Covid-19 economic stimulus equipment.

Interacting with journalists of regional media via video conferencing, he said he changed into attempting to assign tension on the government for generating place a query to by inserting money into the accounts of the glum and inclined sections of society.

Gandhi said a ‘storm’ changed into brewing on the industrial front that can cause hurt and hurt many.

“The storm has no longer come yet, it is coming and would per chance impartial cause gargantuan economic hurt and hurt many,” he said.

The Congress chief asserted that if place a query to is no longer generated, the country will endure a larger loss economically than from the original coronavirus.

He also said that it will seemingly be considerable to win the lockdown intelligently without sacrificing the extinct and inclined population to the illness.


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