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PUBG introduces bots in public matches on Xbox, PlayStation: Here’s what you need to know – India TV News

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PUBG adds bots in public matches

PUBG receives a new update on consoles including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The latest update adds support for bots in public matches. With the introduction of bots, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aims to make the game easier for new players. 

The new players can take advantage of these bots to practice their aiming and shooting skills. However, this will not help them create strategies as bots do not act as regular players. In order to add bots to the console game, the developers had to face a couple of challenges. 

The developers had to carefully mark the entire map in such a way that these bots do not end up throwing themselves off a cliff. Secondly, they had to make sure these bots had a balanced shooting system. Lastly, the bots are made in such a way that they can concentrate on seeking out, looting, and arming themselves with the most appropriate gear during each phase of the game.  

Explaining the project, Joon H. Choi, lead project manager, said in a blog post, “While PUBG veterans continue to hone their skills and improve, we’re seeing more often that many newer players are being eliminated early with no kills – and oftentimes with no damage dealt.”

“In an effort to provide more ways for players to hone their skills and be able to fully enjoy what PUBG has to offer, we’ve decided to introduce bots with Update 7.1,” he further added.

While these bots are created for the newcomers, Choi says that the company will keep on working on making these bots better in the coming months. Also, it is worth noting that players with high matchmaking ranks will be less likely encountered bots. 

Choi also said, “We hope that introducing bots will help players get more shooting practice and kills, a higher average survival time, and maybe even that first exciting chicken dinner. Basically, the full battle royale experience.” 

As for the PUBG Mobile users, the bots have been available for a long time in the mobile game. 

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