Raipur : Minor Forest Produce Collection: Employment of three crore human days created in the state in year 2020-21

Nearly Rs 600 crore paid to the tribal people and forest dwellers as wage for minor forest produce collection

As per the vision of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and under the guidance of Forest and Climate Change Minister Shri Mohammad Akbar, many schemes are being conducted for the upliftment of forest dwellers. Implementation of these schemes has generated employment of three crore man-days in Chhattisgarh in year 2020-21, through works like collection and processing of minor forest produce. Remuneration amounting to Rs 600 crore has been distributed to the tribal forest dwellers for the collection of minor forest produce at the rate of Rs 200 per day.

The remuneration includes Rs 400 crore for tendu leaf collection and Rs 40 crore for tendu leaf processing and warehousing. Similarly, Managing Director, State Minor Forest Produce Association, Mr. Sanjay Shukla informed that during the year 2020-21, Rs 140 crore has been distributed as payment against minor forest produce collection and Rs 14 crore for minor forest produce processing and warehouseization. Moreover, a remuneration amounting to Rs. 2 crores has been paid for the primary processing work of minor forest produce and Rs. 4 crore for other works.
It is worth mentioning that at present 52 minor forest produce is being procured in the state at the minimum support price. These 52 minor forest produces include Sal seed, Harra, Tamarind seed, Chironji kernels, Mahua seed, Kusumi lac, Rangini lac, Kal Megh, Bahera, Nagarmotha, Kullu gond, Puwad, Bel guda, honey and broom, Mahua flower (dry ), Jamun Beej (dry), Kaunch Beej, Dhavai Phool (dry), Karanj Beej, Baybuding and Amla (with seeds) and Phool Tamarind (seedless), Giloy and Bhelwa, Forest Basil seed, Forest Cumin Seed, Tamarind Seed, Bahera Kacharias, Harra Kacharias and Neem Seeds, kusumi seed, reetha fruit (dry), shikakai phalli (dry), satavar root (dry), cashew kernels, malkangani seed and mahul leaf, Palas (flower), Safed Musli (dry), Indrajou, Patal Kumhra, and Kutaj (bark), Ashwagandha, Amla raw, Sawai grass, broom, Tikhur, Behan lac-Kusmi, Behan lac-rangini, Bel (raw ), and berries (raw). Apart from the support price, additional incentive money is also being given by the state government on procurement Kusmi Lakh, Rangini Lakh and Kullu Gond.

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