Raipur : Number of COVID cases in Chhattisgarh declining gradually, slow yet steady improvement in the situation

Second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Chhattisgarh is now on the slope. The rate of infection has significantly declined and the number of deaths due to COVID has also decreased. Under the leadership and guidance of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the availability of oxygen and beds in the hospitals of the state has also been increased, and the vaccination drive for every category is being conducted at an expedited pace.

Decrease in the number of positive cases

In the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, a significant decline in the number of positive cases has been noticed in the state. There were about 17 thousand positive cases in the state on 24 April, 15 thousand 84 on 26 April and 15 thousand 804 on 29 April, 15 thousand 785 on 4 May, but now it has gradually reduced to 12 thousand 239 on 8 May, 9120 on 9 May and 11 thousand 867 on 10th May.

Daily positivity rate has decreased from 31 to around 18

Daily COVID-19 positivity rate has also declined considerably from 31.4 on 23 April, to 27.8 on 26 April, 25.2 on 30 April, 26.1 on 3 May, 22.6 on 6 May, 19.8 on 8 May, 18.7 on 9 May and 18.3 on 10 May.

Decrease in the number of daily deaths too

Number of daily deaths due to COVID-19 has also decreased significantly. 253 deaths due to COVID-19 were recorded on 5 May, 208 were recorded on 7 May, 198 on 9 May and 172 on 10 May. There are 31 thousand 295 beds in Dedicated COVID Hospital and Covid Care Center: currently 11,719 general, 6,284 oxygen beds, 684 HDUs, 783 ICUs and 297 ventilator beds are vacant.

Chhattisgarh currently has a total of 31 thousand 295 beds in the dedicated COVID Hospitasl and COVID Care Centers, wherein 2 thousand 953 ICUs, one thousand 570 HDUs and 9 thousand 954 oxygenated beds. And presently, 11 thousand 719 general beds, 6 thousand 284 oxygen beds, 684 HDUs, 783 ICUs and 297 ventilators are vacant.

Talking about the COVID care centers, there are a total of 5 thousand 294 beds, which includes 2 thousand 516 oxygenated beds, 554 ICUs, and 515 HDUs. Similarly, there are a total of 16 thousand 405 beds in COVID care centers, of which 3 thousand 43 are oxygenated. Talking about private COVID hospitals in the state, there are a total of 9 thousand 596 beds, including 2 thousand 399 ICUs, one thousand 55 HDUs and 4 thousand 395 oxygenated beds.

Adequate quantity of Covid medicines available

Chhattisgarh currently has adequate availability of essential medicines for treatment of COVID-19 epidemic. If we talk about azithromycin tablets, 4 lakh 45 thousand 271 tablets are available in districts and 52 thousand 800 tablets in CGMSC. Similarly, 13 lakh 83 thousand 280 hydroxy chloroquine medicines are available in the districts and 4 lakh 10 thousand 880 are available in CGMSC, 11 lakh 19 thousand 278 in ivermectin are available in the districts and 90 thousand 100 in CGMSC, 12 lakh 57 thousand 554  vitamin C tablets are available in the districts and 3 thousand 200 in CGMSC, 24 lakh 9 thousand 21 zinc tablets are available in the districts and 64 lakh 71 thousand in CGMSC, 9 thousand 816 injection remdisvir are available in the districts and 7 thousand 374 in CGMSC, 7 thousand 389 injection inoxaparin are available in the districts and 10 in CGMSC, 14 thousand 107 in favipiravir are available in the districts and 51 thousand 543 Injections Dexamithasone are available in districts while 93 are available in CGSSC.

Oxygen availability in state is more than three times the requirement

Oxygen availability in the state is three times more than the current requirement for treatment of COVID-19 patients. Presently, 161.56 metric tonnes of oxygen is required per day against which the state has the capacity to produce 460 metric tonnes of oxygen.

Vaccination drive is being conducted for people from every section of society at an expedited pace

Nearly 1.93 lakh people in the age group of 18 to 44 to be vaccinated

Vaccination drive is being conducted at an accelerated speed for every category in the state, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. As on May 9, one lakh 93 thousand 894 people in the age group of 18 to 44 have been vaccinated under the drive. This includes 36 percent people from APL category, 31 percent people from BPL category, 29 percent Antyodaya and 4 percent frontline people.
Similarly, 89 percent of the health workers have been provided the first dose and 63 percent have been given the second dose. Likewise, 100 percent of the frontline warriors have been given the first dose and 61 percent have been provided the second dose in the state. In the age group of 45 years and above, 43 lakh 32 thousand people have been given the first dose and 4 lakh 99 thousand people have been given the second dose. So far, 59 lakh 36 thousand vaccinations have been done in the state.

Availablity of Vaccine doses

Government of India has allotted 64 lakh 17 thousand 910 vaccines for HCW, FLW and the beneficiaries of age more than 45 beneficiaries. These include 2 lakh 72 thousand 540 doses of Covaxin and 61 lakh 45 thousand 370 doses of Covishield. So far, 60 lakh 2 thousand 310 vaccines have been used.

Frontline workers

Those who are classified as frontline workers in the state include people with comorbidity, food providers, vegetable vendors, drivers and conductors of buses and trucks, Anganwadi workers, Mitanin, Panchayat secretary / personnel, PDS shop manager, vendors, women living in Institutional Care, village Kotwar and Patel, State Government employees and State Public Sector Undertaking employees, old age homes, women care centers and child care centers, persons working in the crematoriums, persons with disabilities, employees working in a semi-governmental, co-operative bank providing essential services, persons appointed on corona duty by the Collector, lawyers and journalists, immediate family members of the above mentioned people, detainees and any other category of persons as defined by the State Government.

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