Raipur : Tourism Rath Yatra & bike rally to commence from : December 14 to mark completion of two years of Bhupesh Baghel government in Chhattisgarh

To mark the two years in office of Bhupesh Baghel-led government in Chhattisgarh, “Paryatan Rath Yatra” and a bike rally will commence on December 14 from Sitamarhi-Harchaika in Koriya district in north of the state and Ramaram in Sukma district in south respectively. The four day-long rallies will cover a distance of 1575 kilometers and conclude in Chandkuri, the town of Mata Kaushalya, near Raipur on December 17. The route that will be followed will be as per the proposed Ram Van Gaman path.

During the rally, soil from various tourist sports will be collected as a souvenir, which would be used for planting saplings at Chandkhuri in a programme to be organized on December 17. The rallies that will start from Sitamarhi Harchaika will cover a distance of 164 kilometers on day 1 and reach Shivprasad Nagar, the border of Koriya district on National Highway 43. On day 2, it will cover 30 kilometers from Shivprasad Nagar in Surajpur district to National Surajpur border near National Highway 16 Lanza, National Highway 16 to National Highway 43 from Lanja to District Surguja border near Guturama, National Highway 43 Guturama From National Raj Marg-1 will cover 20 kilometers to District Jashpur border near Charakapara and 168 kilometers from National Raj Road-1 Charakapara to National Raj Marg 130B, District Raigad border near Chhind.45 kilometers from National Highway 310 B Chhind to Gidhauri in Balodabazar district on December 16, 03 kilometers from Gidhauri to Shivrinarayan in Janjgir-Champa district.

On December 17, 61 km near Gidhauri-Aurai in Balodabazar district to District Balodabazar border on Sirpur Road, from Arasai-Nisada in Mahasamund district to the district Mahasamund border 51 km and 38 km from Nisda in Raipur district to Arang-Chandkhuri district Raipur border.
The Rath Yatra and Bike Rally starting from Ramaram in Sukma District, located in the south of the state, on December 14, 50 km from Ramaram in Sukma District to Tongpal border near Tongpal, from Tongpal in Bastar district to Dantewada border near Bastanar 85 km,70 km from Bastanar in Dantewada district to District Bastar border near Barsur.

On 15 December, National Highway 30 from Barsur to district Kondagaon border near Vishrampuri and National Highway 30 Vishrampuri to Kondagaon district will cover 103 kilometers from National Highway 30 to Kanker border near Komalpur.

On 16 December, 50 kilometers from National Highway 30 Komalpur in Kanker district to Jhunjhra of National Highway 6, District Dhamtari border near Jhunjhara, National Highway 6 from Jhunjhara in Dhamtari district to 141 km from Dhamtari border near Sihawa-Nawapara in Gariaband district From Sihawa-Nawapara to Rajim will cover a distance of 03 kilometers and on December 17, Rajim-Arang-Chandkhuri will cover a distance of 64 kilometers.

In both the rallies, minimum of 30 bikers, carrying a Ramayana book, a logo along with hoardings and a vehicle sound system will start on December 14. The rallies will be like a relay race, where the concerned district biking group will hand over the symbols of the Rath Yatra to the biking group of another district in the presence of the district administration.

With the help of administration, the soil of each district will be kept in the chariot. During the grand program on the last day in Chandkuri, a tree plantation will be done from the soil brought from the tourist places and the collected symbols will be handed over to the chief guests.

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