Telangana dials Bihar for 20,000 employees

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HYDERABAD: Even though reverse migration of employees has begun from diverse states, the requirement is well-known elevated than the amount of folks who own arrived within the divulge.

Rice millers and the agriculture sector on my own need on the least 20,000 hamalis (labourers), in particular of us that specialise in loading and unloading paddy and rice and doing diverse chores at rice mills and paddy procurement centres.

Lower than 500 hamalis, who specialise in loading and unloading of paddy and rice, own arrived from


against the requirement of 20,000 folks. The divulge authorities has taken up the matter with the Bihar administration as thousands of hamalis who’re in contact with rice millers in Telangana own expressed their willingness to advance and work within the divulge.

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The disaster being faced by rice millers and agriculture sector at this time is shortage of labour, in particular hamalis.

A majority of some 30,000 hamalis who had advance from diverse states were now returning dwelling.

The Telangana authorities has requested the Bihar authorities to provide permission for the group to be transported to Telangana in particular Shramik Particular trains after conducting Covid-19 assessments and asserting social distancing norm all by diagram of flow back and forth.

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Chief secretary Somesh Kumar has also sent a checklist of employees (hamalis) who’re staying in diverse districts of Bihar and who own given their consent to advance to work if supplied transportation facility.

A member of the Rice Millers’ Association acknowledged the paddy procurement would had been performed by now if hamalis were there.

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“Over 30,000 hamalis had long gone to Bihar for Holi and would possibly no longer return attributable to lockdown. Now, they’re animated to advance nevertheless officers are no longer allowing them to carry the particular prepare to Telangana. All efforts are being made to bring them aid,” he acknowledged.

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