The limits of cruelity have been crossed again.. after the pregnant elephant now the cow fed explosives.

A similar shocking case has emerged from Himachal Pradesh after the death of a pregnant elephant due to explosive eating in Malappuram Kerala. Jhandutta area of district Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh someone had a pregnant cow by making a ball of explosive due to which the cow has been badly injured. the owner of the cow has put a video of the incident on social media which becoming increasingly viral. Police have registered a case in relation to this case. The matter is being investigated in depth. There is a lot of anger among people since this incident. Earlier in Malappuram pregnant elephant was filled by mysterious elements by stuffing firecrackers with pineapple with several injured her mouth and jaw. After being seriously injured Hathini reached the valley river, there she standing in water for 3 days. Later she and her unborn child died by standing in water. Super express their displeasure after this incident.


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