Vedanta group committed to contributing towards building a self-reliant India: Naveen Aggarwal.

Raipur/Balconagar : Contribution to the creation of a self-reliant India is the main objective of operating the Vedanta Group. Through a style of work based on integrity and moral values, we take our organization to the heights of excellence. We should create such a structure of our organization that benefits the country, state, group employees and the associated community. The partners of its business have an important role in the progress of the Vedanta group. Mr Naveen Aggarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Limited, expressed these quotes in a townhall organized through webinars. Several officials of the Vedanta group, including Mr Abhijeet Pati, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Balco, participated in the town hall and expressed their views.
Shri Aggarwal mentioned the seven fundamental pillars of Vedanta Group Sustainability, Health, Safety and Environment, Employee, Value, Ethics and Governance, Digitalization, Innovation, Technology and Excellence, Quality as well as other essential pillars. He said that the best home decor, asset optimization, decision-making process and innovations are important for the continuous progress of the organization to enhance the safety, quality, productivity of employees, their families and assets. He congratulated the BALCO team for its outstanding performance and wished to receive the Chairman’s Award in the field of Sustainability in future.
Shri Aggarwal said that Vedanta Group’s participation is important for a contribution towards making the country self-reliant. He said that the country is far ahead in the field of minerals and natural resources compared to many countries in the world. Despite this, India imports various resources. The Vedanta group is contributing to building the chain to other industries in the country through its diversified operations. The commodities produced by the Vedanta group are used by other industries to manufacture a wide range of commodities. This chain needs to be strengthened to create employment opportunities in the country on a large scale. Around 80,000 citizens are directly involved in the operation of the Vedanta group around the world, while about 1 million citizens are indirectly benefiting. The group contributes about 42000 crore rupees to the country’s revenue. Shri Aggarwal said that he is inspired by the new ideas of the young employees working in the Vedanta group. He also said that our life has a specific purpose. Let us shape our objectives in the direction of progress of society and nation at large.

Shri Agrawal praised the steps taken by Balco management during the Kovid-19 era. He said that the township and plant premises remain completely safe, indicating that the Balko family members are fully united in dealing with the epidemic and are following the Kovid-19 guidelines with full commitment. Shri Abhijeet Pati said that Balco is committed to its central values, faith, integrity, superiority, entrepreneurship, protection, respect and innovation. In the field of aluminium and energy production, we will establish BALCO as the best company. With our working style, BALCO joins the best units in the world. Management is committed to promoting new technologies, progressive improvement in the standard of living, making education a leading company in the field of quality education and health services.
The webinar had many Balco-affiliated business partners, Vedanta Group and many Balco executives and employees. Business partners and BALCO officials, employees asked Mr Agarwal many questions. Shri Aggarwal motivated the citizens towards achieving the goals through operational and management excellence. The webinar showcased Balco’s corporate video. Mr Agarwal openly praised Mr Pati for the excellent presentation and unique event of the webinar.

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